Bitsolar Labs is a boutique software agency that crafts thoughtful web and mobile applications.


What we do

We partner with companies to quickly design, develop, and iterate on software projects. Our team tailors each project to the specific needs of the customer-- we pick the best technology for the task. The most common technologies we use are React, React Native, Typescript, Java, and Python.

More specifically, our team loves to take on projects in the following areas:

  • Rapid prototypes
  • Market ready software products
  • Refactor and improve existing codebases
  • Consultation on growing an engineering team

Recent work

  • Real time video streaming platform

  • Cross-platform mobile application for the food science industry

  • Interactive tools for visualizing time-series based medical data


  • Anthony Crognale

    Anthony began his career in technology while working on combustion simulation and high performance computing at SpaceX. He has also worked at Knewton, an adaptive learning technology company, and most recently, trueDigitial-- a fintech company building solutions for asset tokenization and exchange. Anthony graduated from Penn State University.